Storytelling – what everyone does when they are in a “do over” state

I created this blog nearly 10 years ago with the intent to write. As you can see, that went well.

Since then, blogging has exploded. I thought it was big back then, but it doesn’t even compare to what it has turned into now. Food, fashion, home decor, styling, bridal, photography… the list will go on and on. I could’ve been a trendsetter had I just stuck with it, but now here I am, a dime a dozen.

My desire to take another look at this is purely for my own reasons to document a journey I am on. It’s disjointed, confusing to follow, and likely breaks every rule to discovering a path on your own. Alas, I don’t tend to listen well so here I go anyway because starting is THE hardest part for me. I have to start not knowing all of the answers.

I am recently married and hit the big 3-0 this year. I met a mentor/coach who shook up my world by uncovering lies and defense mechanisms I have been telling and doing to myself for at least 10 years. Because of that, I’ve been stuck more times in life than I’ve been unstuck, and chasing after “success” based on a definition of someone else. Committed to not waste any more time playing this fun little game with myself, I’ve embarked on an expensive, yet critical journey to unlearn bad habits and be brave enough to take risks in order to form better habits. It’s not easy – but usually any sentence with the word ‘risk’ in it gives that away.

I am incredibly passionate – especially about dance and the arts. It changed my life and I know it can do that for many people. Part of this journey is figuring out whether a career in dance choreography and teaching is the right thing for me and the feasible thing for my husband and I.

The other part of this journey is that I like pretty things. Yep. I do. No shame. I love buying new clothes, decorating, and making things..well.. pretty. I could spend hours just putting things together in a visually appealing way. No graphic design skills here folks (probably should work on that), just me tinkering around on the interwebs.

So.. that is what you’ll be seeing from me here. Part discombobulated self-discovery and honesty and part sharing fun pretty things I have found. The world needs more pretty things that make us happy. Oh, and I’ll likely share a puppy or two from time to time. #puppygoals

All that said, I genuinely enjoy meeting people. You can follow along on my blog by subscribing to the link at the bottom, or checking me out on Instagram. @heartofheather

I remember and still am seeking to find someone who didn’t have it all together and didn’t pretend to. I don’t have a perfect vision, I don’t have a plan for growth yet in my career, and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. But – I like storytelling and I am attempting to start over so I had to start.

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