Defining heart of heather

A few months back I started to feel like I was not aligned with what my core values were. This made sense because I didn’t even know what my core values were. Seemed like a good opportunity to start putting some definition behind what I want to be seen as and what I want to stand for.

I won’t bore you with the process right now. I’ve been partnering with a coach – so the process is her own. If you are interested in what a coach can do for you, she’s amazing and I am happy to be a point of connection.

But I digress. I present to you the 7 core values that “heart of heather online” was built upon:








At the time of this exercise, I had been living 2 of them. TWO, you guys. My heart sank.

The first four are where the “heart” comes in. They are the foundation of who I am at the deepest level and what I want to live. I felt that if people could see those 4 things in me, I’m truly living from my heart. This blog is a platform for me to practice.

The last 3 are what I am hoping to build. Not overnight. Not to be insta-famous. But because these are part of who I want to become to live a complete life from my values. I have personally benefitted from them and want to continue to pay it forward.

My promise to you is to show up (weekly, for now ?) living, breathing, and writing from those values.

If you’re in this with me, would you subscribe to my blog and send me a note that you’re here? @heartofheather is my Instagram handle. I want to acknowledge you for taking the time to join me. I’m just beginning!

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