These are a few of my favorite things…GIVEAWAYS!

I was channeling my inner Oprah when I thought to myself, “you know, Heather, why don’t you let your blog readers know more about you. AND give them some free stuff. AND kind of do this launch thing.” (Disclaimer: my monetary prize value  does not come close to Oprah, but nonetheless is fun). Rules for entry are at the bottom of this post!

Let’s start off with the 3 themes of the giveaway. Inspiration, Beauty/Style and Decor. Notably, these are 3 of the 4 themes you will be seeing from this blog. (4th to be revealed in a later post).  I will always come from a place of budget friendly and real – especially when it comes to clothing. I am not a model, and neither is most of the planet. I’m here to help the busy 30-something wife, Mom, single lady, and/or boss girl with things that most regular people wear and find.

First up, my main gal, inspiration. I look for this daily. I have a favorite podcast I listen to that I’m sharing with you as a freebie. I found Jenna Kutcher when I was wedding photographer hunting 2 years ago now. I ended up choosing someone else a bit more local, but as I continued to follow her I noticed something. She was confident, unapologetic, and authentically herself. I loved it all. So I continued to stalk for awhile and discovered this podcast:

#girlbossgoddess all the way. Everything in this podcast is not solely applicable to the entrepreneur. I had and have been struggling with confidence, where to start with projects, and what the heck I’m looking for in this crazy world. This podcast has grounded me, given me tangible exercises I can build from, and introduced me to ALL kinds of inspiration! Download the podcast here!

Ready for the first treat in the giveaway? Following the theme of inspiration, one of my favorite books from women I admire:

There are days I wish I could go back and give advice to my younger self. While I was reading this, I constantly thought “Yep!” “Me too!” “Ugh, had I known!” I love how this book captures short stories from strong, talented and brave women. As someone who plays the comparison game way too much, this really helped put life into perspective for me. I love it so much I’m giving a copy away!

Next is Beauty! There are many things that fit this theme, but I’m going to keep it simple. I’ve spent a fortune on different kinds of mascara my whole life. I’m not rich, and I needed to stop this habit so I could buy coffee instead. I found a classic favorite at Ulta and I haven’t looked back. This one is for my fellow ladies out there who are juggling ALL the things. I feel you, and you deserve pretty eyelashes, too. Next up in my giveaway:

Maximum Lashes Mascara!!!

It even comes in a pretty pink tube. It gives me the definition I look for in thicker lashes, but also provides the length. Happy Heather. 

And last but certainly not least… decor! If I had someone else’s money I’d gladly decorate their homes for a living. Since I don’t, I buy frugally and often from Home Goods. Future posts will feature some decor tricks and knacks I’ve picked up along the way. For now, a $20 gift card awaits a lucky winner!

One last item of business…Future Partnership Alert! I’m teaming up with an adorable online clothing boutique out of Nashville. I’ll have a special promo code for my followers coming your way soon! (And their name and website, of course).

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you for the support and love. I am taking a chance on something I love doing to live a life closer aligned to my values. It won’t be a perfect journey, and I’m happy you’re here to share in it with me.


Rules for giveaway entry: 

1. Follow me on Instagram @heartofheather

2. Comment on my Instagram giveaway post and tag a friend who might be interested! 

(The above steps are 1 entry)

3. FOR TWO BONUS ENTRIES, subscribe to my blog and leave a comment on this post! 

DEADLINE: Sunday, October 29th at Midnight CST!

Two winners (book + mascara is one prize, gift card is 2nd prize) will be announced Monday, October 30th at 8pm CST! I will DM/email the winners directly for shipping information. Giveaway is self-sponsored. 


  1. Mara
    October 25, 2017 / 12:45 am

    Love these ???

  2. Laurel
    October 25, 2017 / 5:54 pm

    Love, love, love.

  3. Tracy
    October 26, 2017 / 1:49 am

    Excited to follow along on your blog, Heather!

  4. October 27, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    So beautifully written. I love your first blog post on what this is all about 🙂

  5. Erica Frey
    October 27, 2017 / 5:28 pm

    You’re awesome! Excited to be following your blog!

  6. October 29, 2017 / 4:43 pm

    So excited to follow your blog ?

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