Top 3 TJ Maxx finds and how to navigate the never ending sea of magic.

My love for TJ Maxx runs deep. I can spend hours in that store and it is impossible to come out empty handed. It could be Target’s little sister in terms of going in for one thing and coming out with 20 things, for all I know.

People ask me how I have the patience to get through the store. I have a strategy and approach that I’ll share with you at the end! It’ll help narrow in and find the good stuff without distraction. ???

Before my tips on navigating the store, I’ve scored some amazing finds in the clothing section. Behold, my top 3 favorites:

3. Pink bauble earrings and Aztec print shirt.

I love this combo. The shirt is long in the back and looks great with jeans or black leggings. I bought the earrings as an extra pop of color.

2. Floral bell sleeve top and olive vest

I love this outfit. I’m big into the olive color this season and I think floral can be worn year round. The 70s inspired bell sleeve is one of my favorite trends right now. I also love throwing a vest over my long sleeve shirts as an extra layer. It adds a fun element to a simple shirt.

My fave necklace I pair with this outfit is from Charming Charlie. Check out all of their pink marble goodies here! 1. Ruffle sweater

I’m obsessed. This is not something I would’ve normally chosen for myself. It is comfy, feminine, and adds a layer of fun to a date night outfit. Pair this with some dark skinny jeans, nude pumps, and statement earrings and away you go looking fab! (I’ve even linked my favorites for you ???)

My go to jeans
Nude pumps
Statement earrings (Ps this is one of my go to jewelry shopping sites!)

Now – for the action items. Navigation is key to finding the things you WANT to find. My approach:

1. You must be in the mood to shop and explore! It’s an easy and obvious tip, but you’ll end up frustrated if you are not feeling up to shopping the racks.

2. If clothing is your aim, decide on junior’s or women’s sections. There are a few more playful and fun pieces in the juniors, while you’ll find more staple type pieces in the women’s. It’s sorted out by size and color coded so stick to those parts of the aisles based on your size. If your intention is to find a work outfit, maybe skip the juniors this time around and focus on women’s tops/sweaters/dresses depending on the time of year.

If you’re looking for a bargain for the season that just passed – scroll the clearance items. (Usually in the back of the store before you hit the home goods section). If you aren’t looking for that, then don’t distract yourself with the area. (That goes for the workout clothes section too… ?)

3. If I don’t find what I’m looking for, I usually allow myself to branch out into the makeup/accessories/home decor section. It’s easy to get carried away, which is why I limit my visits to that part of the store for days I have a drought in the clothing arena. ??

4. Lastly, they totally get you right in a weak moment with the aisle of treats as you approach the checkout. I’ll stop ONLY if I’m looking for a gift idea, stationary, or coffee mugs. That is what I’ve limited myself to. It’s easy to spend an extra 20 minutes scouring. (And some of the items are repeats of what you may have seen throughout the store). My best advice, if you already looked through the home goods section, you’re cool to breeze by.

Any other ideas or discoveries you’ve made about the store? Did you snag some great finds? Share with me in the comments!Xoxo. 


  1. November 10, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    Love this post. TJ Maxx can be a bit overwhelming, but is certainly a lot of fun!

    • November 10, 2017 / 8:29 pm

      Thank you! Absolutely. I agree! Easy to get carried away. ?

  2. December 2, 2017 / 11:49 pm

    i love this every single item and sites you talked about were suburb

  3. December 2, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    i love this every single item and sites you talked about were suburb i have a word press account as well

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