Creating and using a vision board when making decisions

2018 is here and resolutions, goal planning, and hope for the year ahead is in full swing. I haven’t always been the greatest at setting goals for myself. It can be daunting and overwhelming, and I personally have ended up feeling disappointed when plans change (because, life...) and I can’t fulfill a goal (which is ok, because it’s LIFE!).

As someone who can be incredibly indecisive, I’ve found myself not making progress on goals and in turn felt stuck. I have second guessed my decisions until I am blue in the face and then left with no clarity or vision at all. It has unfortunately led me to making poor decisions, instead of ones that were aligned to my values. (And say goodbye to those “goals” I set).

The one thing that has worked? A vision board.

Now, I get it. I can hear you saying “A vision board, Heather? Seriously? How does that create action?” Or “I tried that and it doesn’t work for me.”

It isn’t the creating of the board that immediately causes action. I want to be clear about that as I’m not sure other places explain that. It’s referring back to it over and over when making decisions and determining if that decision aligns with your broader vision.

I’m sharing mine as an example. This is something I wasn’t planning to show publicly, but I think it’ll help ground you in your next steps.

I created this in a simple word document and pieced images together from Pinterest and Google searches. I wanted an electronic version I could have with me at all times. (PowerPoint may work better for images, or InDesign if you have the software). A few themes I used to search (based on my own core values):

  • Passion quotes
  • Relationships
  • Fun
  • Dance
  • Balance
  • Creativity

After putting it together over the course of a week, I let it sit for a few days and looked at it again with fresh eyes. Keeping my core values in mind, I took time to see if other thoughts emerged. I came up with:

  • Light, airy
  • Peaceful
  • Calm
  • Hands (helping others)
  • Chasing a dream
  • Making brave decisions
  • Finding women who inspire me to take action towards my goals

From this point on, the work is simple. I printed out a few copies for around my home and at my desk. It is also saved as an image on my phone. When I am grappling with a decision, next step or determining if something is a right fit for me, I look at it and ask the following questions:

Does this decision fit within the themes of my vision board?

Do I feel the sense of peace, calm, passion and fun that I feel when I see the vision board? (You would insert any words you set for yourself).

Does this activity/job/decision align with my core values?

Using this vision board helped steer me away from settling for a job change I didn’t really want because it did not align one bit to my vision. I was just hoping for it as a change of pace, but long-term, it wouldn’t have served me or my goals at all.

To recap, understand your core values first and foremost. Use those as a springboard for your image searches. After the board is designed, let it sit for a day or so. Look at it with fresh eyes, write how it makes you feel and any other descriptors. Print and/or save!

That’s it, friends! I hope this process helps you be more intentional about staying true to your overarching vision. (As a reminder, I didn’t even KNOW my vision before I started this process, and that is normal and OK!)

I would love to hear from you and see your final vision board, or what has worked for you to walk you closer to your goals! Leave me a comment and/or let’s talk on Instagram. ?


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