Recap of Minneapolis Bloggers Kick-off Brunch!

Last weekend, I was humbled and honored to be a part of the first ever Minneapolis Bloggers event!

I have followed several of the ladies in attendance for awhile, so it was nice to meet in person and talk about the passions we all share. I will also mention that the sense of community was strong. A big mantra of mine is that there is a seat at the table for everyone, even in an incredibly saturated market. We all bring our own unique perspectives to the table, even if on the surface we are all “lifestyle bloggers.” It was clear that we all started blogging for our own unique reasons, are in different stages of our journey, yet face similar struggles and had the same questions.

I’m so excited for upcoming events, workshops, and meeting more of these fantastic women. Networking is so critical not only for those building their careers, but simply to LEARN. Relationship building is fundamental to not only maintaining a blog, but also maintaining your career, whatever it may be.

Now, the fun stuff!

The space at the amazing Brick x Mortar in Minneapolis was pure magic. I could spend nearly all my days there. If you’re in the area, visit their website and see if a membership with them is something that fits your lifestyle. I’m seriously considering it.

Photos by: Carly Mac Photography

The best bagel shop in town, Rise Bagel Co, sponsored our delicious brunch. A big recommendation from me if you are a local. Risata Wines also kept the bubbly fueling our mimosas, which, really you can’t have a brunch without those.

Photos by: Carly Mac Photography

After a little socializing, we came together as a group to formally introduce ourselves and share what we wanted to see out of this newly formed community. So many awesome ideas and recommendations came up, along with sharing tips with each other.

Photos by: Carly Mac Photography

I left feeling inspired, motivated, and like I had gained new friends. That gets harder and harder to do after 30. đŸ˜‰ I’m so excited to continue my journey with this group. In the true spirit of community over competition, I am linking ALL these beautiful ladies’ blogs below. You will be so impressed with their talents and voices, I encourage you to follow along with their journeys as well.

Lastly, a huge thank you to the founders of the Minneapolis Bloggers Union, Claudia of Miles and Smiles, Samantha of Downtown Blondie, and Alissa of Wedded Liss. They put a lot of work into coordinating our first event, and I admire each of them as bloggers!


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