Creating your elevator pitch in 4 steps

You know the moment. You’re with a large group of successful people, many you admire. You’re going around the room doing introductions, and in your head you are running through your lines in preparation. It is your turn, you go to speak and it’s like you forget who you are and what you do. I can relate, because I’ve been in this situation so.many.times. ??

I recently experienced this moment again, which left me realizing that this happens all too often. In my day job, I have crafted an elevator pitch and refined it over and over for these exact moments. Being new to the blog world and just starting to attend events, I haven’t even thought about doing this. Being so passionate about it, I figured I could wing it. Nope. I’ve stumbled every time someone asked me what I blogged about. Get it together, I thought to myself.

Instead of keeping my day job and other passions separate, I decided to try to leverage the template I use daily and bring it to my blog “business” for lack of better word. It consists of 4 steps, some of which may need more soul searching than others. It’s meant to really be 30-40 seconds, as if you only had a brief elevator ride with Mark Zuckerberg to tell him who you are.

Grab a notebook and pen, and jot down the steps below. I’ve provided examples as well to each question, and some probing questions to get you thinking. ?

1. Your name (first and last when necessary)

Hi, my name is Heather Hildebrandt (this is the easiest part ?)

2. Your job and company

I am a lifestyle blogger for my brand

3. What you do in 1-3 sentences (max!)

I write about current and casual style trends in partnership with brands. I focus on maintaining positivity and honesty in all of my posts. My audience is for the every day woman living out her best life.

This will be the part that takes the most finessing. You’ll need to know your brand/job well. I’m still working this out myself! Do not be afraid to have several iterations. If you have a written job description, it can be very helpful here as a starting point.

4. Any future goals or where you see yourself headed. (This helps you stay fresh in mind if they have an opportunity for you).

(NOTE: If you’re happy where you are – perfect! Say that. There’s nothing wrong with living in the present and being content).

I love collaborating with fellow bloggers and hope to bring more partnerships to my blog in the future.

There is one last step… PRACTICE! The intention is not to sound robotic or rehearsed, but natural and confident. Play around with the words to ensure it reflects your personality and tone. Ultimately, it’s a conversation piece and doesn’t have to be memorized line by line. You also don’t want to use words you wouldn’t normally say.

What do you think? Can you take on the steps and create your elevator pitch? I’d love to hear how it goes for you or if you have any questions along the way.??

(Note – there are many versions of this type of template. This may not be the one for you. I’ve found it worked best for my personality and brand type).

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