Staying focused and intentional with Transcending Waves Planners

When I started this blog, I was filled with intentions, goals, hopes & wishes for what it could become. As many of you know, the number one priority was to always bring forth content that came from my core values.

Organizing those thoughts isn’t always easy. Putting together content calendars, timelines, collaborations, isn’t easy. For some reason, organizing these things on my google calendar confuses me. (Ha! I know… I am a millennial too, you guys). I’ve always been a paper planner girl, and find a lot of joy in heading to the store to pick out a favorite.

Of course, with a full-time job, part-time job teaching dance, blogging, AND maintaining my marriage and friendships, it’s easy for me to get a little burned out. There is so much I’m looking to achieve, but it doesn’t always happen overnight.

When I discovered Transcending Waves Planners, it was during a time where I was at a crossroads. If I wanted to keep blogging, I needed a better way to accomplish my goals and stay focused during the times when I might feel stagnant or like I’m on the wrong path.

Let me tell you, this is the most thorough and thoughtful planner I have ever used. There are daily, weekly, and monthly layouts to help you narrow in and stay focused. They also have reflection pages, which is something I’m starting to get into the habit of using. It allows you to take 5-10 minutes to reflect on the day and honestly, it has helped me stay positive in some stressful scenarios. Additionally, as someone who overthinks everything, it’s perfect for quieting that voice.

There are so many prompts to help get you started as well as maintain balance and a positive mindset. The quality of the journal is also beautiful. It fits easily into my bag for work or into my purse.

I’m excited to share with my readers a discount code that can get you 10% off your order of one of these planners. Visit Transcending Waves, pick the planner of your choice (currently comes in black as pictured above and blue), and use code “heartofheather” at checkout.

If you order one, let’s go on this journey together, shall we? Shoot me a message or a comment and let’s connect. I’d love to talk about ways we are using this planner to accomplish our goals!

Until next time, friends.

* This post is sponsored.

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