Timeless Trend Tuesday – Welly Merck

Find me a few years ago and I definitely wasn’t wearing a watch. It was an accessory I didn’t like and didn’t want to invest in.

Flash forward a few years and I am in love with the classic designs, especially from companies like Welly Merck. I’m now willing to make the investment for the quality product that this brand provides.

Welly Merck is a company out of Switzerland. When they reached out to me to introduce their product, I dove into their website to find out what differentiates them from similar brands.

The first thing I found was the history behind the company. I love learning how brands start their journey to becoming a company and their story is truly compelling. Merck began the company which is founded on overcoming adversity and working hard to fulfill a dream. He met Welly, they married, and now they both continue the mission of facing obstacles with determination and class. Click here to read more about their incredible story.

Now, about the watch. I am wearing their classic Fighter New York in 26 mm. It’s a smaller, subtle, and truly timeless in this rose gold color. I’m obsessed. The quality is stunning, and I feel like the price definitely fits the product. It’s beautiful.

There are many options on their site, such as this one, that may be a perfect fit for a gift, special event, or for yourself! Use code “Heather15” at checkout and receive a 15% discount on your purchase. If you are in the US, plan ahead as this product will go through international shipping/customs. Trust me, it was worth the wait.

What do you think of Timeless Trend Tuesday? Questions about Welly Merck? Leave me a comment or let me know what you want featured on the next Timeless Trend Tuesday!

Photos by: Denae Jonessa Photography

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