Why I’ve Switched to Beautycounter

When I turned 30, I started to take notice of my skin even more. I had always washed my face morning and night and used moisturizers, but I wasn’t really paying attention to the type of product I was using.

Flash forward a few months to when I began my blog. I started meeting fellow blogging friends on Instagram and one of whom sold this “Beautycounter” stuff. I knew nothing about it, but I started to follow along and see why this brand took off and is so beloved.

First of all, Beautycounter is a mission-based wellness brand with a goal to get safer beauty and personal care products into the hands of everyone. They deliver on their mission in 3 ways: creating and distributing safer products, educating consumers about the need for safer products, and advocating for more health-protective laws in personal care products.

This was a need I was so unaware of. I had no clue beauty products were so unregulated. Their “never” list contains chemicals I did not know were harmful but literally in everything I used.

Even though I saw the need, I was still skeptical until talking with my friend Katherine. She wanted me to believe it for myself, and sent me all kinds of samples to get acquainted with this brand. She had been selling Beautycounter and working to educate others as well.

Friends, as soon as I got my samples I was hooked. The products FEEL good. I don’t know how to explain it, but my skin felt cleaner, glowy, and just all around healthier. I noticed a difference in my complexion a few months into using these products. I was honestly stunned that Beautycounter held up to its testimony. From then on, I’ve not gone back to other products.

It’s a journey to replace all of my products with Beautycounter. You are spending more money, I won’t dance around that. But, it’s become something that is worth it to me.

I started with face washes and moisturizers, and have been working my way up to replacing makeup. Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite items, and how you can discover this brand for yourself! (Hint: you’ll be entered to win free product. ???)

1. Adaptive Moisture Lotion: I use this morning and night and it is so smooth and lightweight.

2. Lip Gloss – Bare Shimmer: Such a pretty shade to wear alone or over lipstick! Loving this for the summer.

3. Body Wash – Citrus Mimosa: I will officially never buy drugstore body wash again. I am IN LOVE with their product and scent. It smells so fresh and lovely.

4. Mattifying Powder: This has changed my makeup routine. Eliminates shine and goes on smooth.

5. Brightening Mist: Easily my favorite product I’ve tried. I use it as a make-up setter and it is truly how I get the GLOW look I love so much. If you try anything, try this!

Ready to make the switch? Visit Katherine’s shop.

Additionally, she has graciously offered the chance to win a free Sunscreen Mist from their new sun care line! Place your order by the end of the month and you’re entered to win! Must use that link above. 🙂

As always, I only share things that I truly love and have had good experiences with, and this is no different. If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment or reach out to Katherine directly. She is a joy and is so educated about this topic!

Here’s to safer beauty!



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