Making Grocery Shopping Easy with Coborn’s Delivers

When I found out there was a local service that delivered groceries to your home, I was all for it.

You see, my very least favorite thing in the world to do is grocery shop. My husband does it all. Bless him. I generally like shopping, but when it comes to groceries, forget it.

I’d been waiting a while to bite the bullet, and am excited to finally share my first experience with local delivery service, Coborn’s Delivers! In this post I’m going to share what this service is, how to order and sign up, AND get $25 off your first order. Yay! ?

Coborn’s is a local grocery store in Minnesota. Their delivery service is available in the greater Twin Cities area and in Startell. Coborn’s, Inc was founded in 1921 in Sauk Rapids, MN. I always love digging into the history of companies. Coborn’s is also employee owned.

Step 1: Setting up an account

This is a pretty easy step. There’s just a simple username and password set up, and some generic contact info to get your account going. Visit Coborn’s website to get started.

Step 2: Shop!

Search by weekly specials or use the search bar at the top to find items! Add to your bag. Done! Seriously, that easy.

Step 3: Check-out and Select Delivery Date!

Upon check-out, you are able to select from a series of dates for delivery. Usually, you just need to order the day before to receive your groceries the next day. When the day of delivery arrives, you’ll receive an update in your account telling you who your driver is, and a better time range of when they will arrive. I love how customer-centric this is, and you get to know who is coming to your house ahead of time!

That’s really it, friends. Their site is very user-friendly, and I was able to navigate without much help or tutorials needed. A few other things I wanted to point out:

  1. Shop Local section. All of my items from my first order were a part of the shop local section of their site. I absolutely love this idea, and a fun element to add in for any party or event to give it that Minnesotan vibe.
  2. They deliver beer and wine, ya’ll. Not much more I need to say about that!
  3. For new customers, you will receive free delivery for the first 60 days! There is a small delivery charge after that, but honestly it is worth it to have the gift of time and convenience back.
  4. And now, for the fun part. Place an order of $100 or more before 9/30 and receive $25 off by using code “HEARTOFHEATHER” at check-out. If you shop for groceries often, you know spending $100 is easy to do. This is such a good deal, especially if you are a new customer and can get the free delivery and additional savings.

I’m excited to be a new shopper of Coborn’s Delivers, and looking forward to my next order! Have more questions about the service and how it works? Leave me a comment below or visit the FAQ page.

Happy grocery shopping!



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