Real Advice from Real Women about their 20s and 30s!

32 years down! Today I celebrate another birthday and another year of lessons, growth, and goals for the future.
Instead of me spooling up advice and thoughts from the past few years and why I am LOVING my 30s, I thought it would be fun to gather YOUR perspectives.

Last week, I asked my followers on Instagram to share something they wished they would’ve known in their 20s, or something powerful they learned in their 30s. The feedback was amazing, and I’m excited to share their thoughts with you.

Before I do, I think the biggest thing that happened in my 30s is finally embracing who I am at the core of everything. Are there things I want to refine, tweak, respond to differently? Absolutely. But who I am is who I am, and I’m learning more and more each day not to apologize for it. I can bring my whole self to work, to teach dance, to LIFE without worry or fear. Let me tell you, that has released so much anxiety for me in so many ways. I still have room to grow but am proud of myself for getting through some tough years navigating this.

What did you have to say? Take a look at this FANTASTIC advice from some amazing women. I’ve included their Instagram handles in case you want to give them a follow. 🙂

“In my 30s, I’ve learned that life is not a gigantic timeline. It’s not a race to get to the next milestone. Slow down girl, there’s so much beauty in this journey.” – Natalie (fromwrentozen) AMEN to that!

“Learning every day and still learning… taking every day one step at a time.” – Ky (petitely)

“Life is way better in your 30s! More secure financially, you’ve been through enough to start really knowing who you are, and you don’t sweat the small stuff as much! I’m 33 and happier than ever!” – Renee (heartandchic)

“Travel the world. Eat the food. Learn a language. Kiss all the boys. Accept the happy hour invites. Do self-care. Be spontaneous. Thirties are the absolute best, but you once in a while may have those ‘I wish I had done more of that’ moments. You get to be a little reckless in your 20s so soak up that excuse while you can!” – Aurora (tapandtwirl) I LOVE all of this.

“Life gets better with age! I’m 32 and have great friends and family because as you age, you realize how important these relationships are and the importance of maintaining them!” – Amy (thetargetmama)

“I’ll say that my 40s are way better than my 20s AND 30s! I feel more comfortable than ever to be me.” – Holly (everyday.holly)

“The wrinkles are way worse in your 30s.” – Jen (notyouraveragefirstlady) I LOLed at this because it’s TRUE!

“In your 30s, I think you truly develop a better sense of self. You aren’t worried about what others think of you. I also think that you have a better idea of what kind of life you want to live.” (redmugdreams)

As I read all this, I sense a theme of being comfortable in your own skin. I agree, I think there’s so much truth to that.
What are you taking away from their advice? What would you add? Let’s start a conversation in the comments!


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