6 Veteran-Owned Businesses to Shop this Holiday Season

I’m back!

It has been far too long since I’ve shared a blog post, but I’m setting some goals to start posting more. I’m still determining the frequency, but I’ll get to that another day.

This idea truly inspired me to get back to writing, today being Veterans Day and all, so I’m excited to share these shops with you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy during the holidays, and I believe it’s important to stop and think about where my money is going. That’s what got me jazzed about this post.

In honor of Veterans Day, here are 6 veteran owned businesses to check out this shopping season:

1. Black Rifle Coffee

My husband and I have been drinking their coffee consistently now for probably 3 years. It’s delicious, they have variety, and there’s a cute dog on their website. Could you ask for more? Yes, you could. They are owned by Veterans! They are also incredible storytellers and I highly recommend looking at their YouTube channel here.

2. Bottle Breacher

I first discovered Bottle Breacher on Shark Tank. Their business exploded afterward and I have bought several of their items as unique gift options. Basically, they make bottle openers out of empty, decommissioned caliber bullet casings. You can get an engraving on them as well. It was a perfect birthday gift for my husband that quickly turned into gifts for friends and family members.

3. Steel Roots Decor

These are some of the most beautifully crafted signs I’ve seen! Made completely out of steel, this company takes custom orders as well! I want to get one made of our last name to our home! 100% of their work is manufactured in the United States.

4. Teak and Twine

This adorable small business has been very popular with entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher, but did you know they are veteran owned as well? I love the gorgeous curated gift boxes they make, and it keeps shopping simple. Check out this one just made for the holiday season.

5. R. Riveter Bags

These gorgeous, handmade bags come from the hearts and minds of two military spouses, looking for work but constantly being declined. Eventually, the women bonded over their struggles and decided to do something about it. 33% of their sales go right back to military families.

6. Shop Westhouse

Another shop inspired by a military spouse, Shop Westhouse sells home decor, self care gifts & apparel. There’s a little something for everyone here, and she’s also nurturing other spouses through her Bloom Now collection.

With that, I want to thank all of the veterans for their service and sacrifices they’ve made for my freedom. I am always grateful and I am happy to support them as much as I can.



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